Vintage Rally, Bitten By the Bug

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I love Vintage Porsche and in a roundabout way I discovered the Economical VW Beetle.


When you’re out there in something like this, people just stop and smile. It floats down the road, up a trail, trudges through mud. It just a trip to drive. Rubin, a 1963 beetle, is sharing his motoring life with us, my girlfriend is the proud owner.

Vintage Porsche are spectacular sports cars that where sold as daily drivers. Today we take for granted off the rack high performance cars but back in the day that was not the case. Though the venerable, robust, and low powered Beetle don’t start out as sport cars the architecture to make them so is there. Porsche, in fact, sponsored Formula Vee track cars using 40 hp VW motors. Volkswagen sponsored the series as well.

Porsche Formula Vee VW race car.

My girlfriends car, Rubin, will never be a race car. We just plan on maintaining him and keep him on the road. But he is an inspiration to do something more with my Beetle.