Adding Detail To A Photograph

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before and after
before and after color correcton

The options of techniques to retouch an image are huge. Clay Cook is an awesome expert in the field of photo editing. before and afterclay cook sharpening 7O3B2501before and after color correctonbefore and after

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Rey Aquije, from Jay-Q Agency put together a fantastic project for Bio Hair Treatment.<br>

Responsibilities and contributions:

  • Design
  • UX
  • Retouching
  • Product Photography


Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 12.44.26 PM

You Need To Know What It Is

You probably are doing it now or will be at some point in your design career. It’s asking questions, the six whys: what, when, why, where, why, who.
It  takes the user needs into account at every stage of product cycle.
It’s a method, a quasi science. So anyone can learn it.
It’s not that hard to do! You can learn the basics.
Learn more from the guru, Matt, at UX Mastery.

Watch his eyeopening video here.




IMG_1047 before and after
IMG_0363 before and after

It’s so fantastic to take a wonderful photograph and build upon it. I’d like to thank Gynn Dewis for his inspirational work and him sharing his awesome knowledge. The photographer is a talented lady from Russia, Lesya Leyman.

IMG_0363 before and after IMG_1047 before and after

ac IMG_5014 as Smart Object-1
ac retouched before and ater

Retouching ac retouched before and ater ac IMG_5014 as Smart Object-1


Brushing up on the skills. Going over some of the fantastic Photoshop tutorials by Retutpro – Photography & Retouching.  This is called the Nashville Effect. Watch the video here:



ac painting blue


Recent photoshoot and retouching.

ac painting blue