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olympic jacket usa FRONT

A recent project for a track suit designed for Axianta founder, John Shin.

I’m going to be using Mail Chimp developing marketing campaigns for clients.
I’ll be sharing them as I develop them. What is Mail Chimp? It is an awesome tool to maximize your marketing reach. I’m a artsy designer by trade and learning HTML and CSS has been tough (and I’m no expert), Mail Chimp is easy to use and I encourage front-end website developers to use it.

It has awesome UI, it’s simple and easy to use for the novice web designer up to sophisticated marketing campaigns.

What do you need to know to start using this product? Ideally HTML Email Basics, you want to be a front-end web designer and understand HTML and CSS. I’ve taken a class the last Fall learning just that. Mail Chimps intuitive website is a breeze to use.

No Flash or Java Script, so it’s rather simple (remember these are emails) for the beginning web site designer to use while being a powerful tool.

There are a few rules to remember while creating campaigns with Mail Chimp so check out the site and create an account and get busy.

mail chimp Freddie

Ralph Zavala

Cool project of El Curacao, a Hispanic department store chain.

A fantastic Designer,Tina Lussier, has been kind enough to share her experience.
Exploring new tools to exploit the power Facebook has to help market small businesses.

cstacks_baby crawl 2

A few years ago I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Crazy Bone of Bone Thugs and Harmony. I was tasked with photographing his grand child.

Wedding Photo of my brother Matt and his lovely wife Karina.