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— http://axiantastore.com/

Currently developing the Axianta / Transamerica online store. The goal is to set up the store, contents, products, develop new product lines, marketing using social media and more. http://axiantastore.com/Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 9.54.43 PM

Client Projects | Pilot Projects | Case Studies

rubber ducky chronicles

Rubber Ducky is current project we are working on at L.A. Print Menu (site is being
revamped). Rubber Ducky clothing is a contemporary fashion brand that aims to be an integral part of every high-end retailer.

We are currently developing the following and expect to have a site up and running by late August.

• Local Optimization

• Wholesale Distribution

• Traditional SEO

• Consulting

• Social Media development

Photo-shoot of dress line had been done  July 12th and the facebook fan page will be launched by the end of this week. Click here for pics.